Sunday, October 28, 2018

Versico Helps Re-Roof South Georgia

Hurricane Michael has left scars on the Southeast region. Unfortunately, hurricanes wreak havoc on Georgia and the rest of the Southeast every year. We're proud to be with the Versico team to help reconstruction efforts in South Georgia. This photo was sent in from one of the projects that Versico is working on in South Georgia. We will rebuild to be stronger than we were before.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

VersiFlex Now Has Double Sided Colors

This month Versico announced that VersiFlex PVC/KEE HP flashing and overlayment strips will now come in two colors: white/gray or white/tan. This is particularly beneficial to companies that only have a couple of gray or tan jobs because they will now be able to flip the PVC over and use it on more common white jobs.

Read Versico's official announcement here.

The Importance of a Cover Board

USG recently published an article about how architects and other specifiers often overlook the cover board when specifying a roof. The problem with that is that a cover board will extend the life of your roof by adding further protection from wind, fire, and hail damage. A cover board is an integral part of a roof by serving as a substrate, by the benefits go far beyond that of other substrates.

  • Hold R-value after hail damage
  • Provide a fire barrier from flammable insulation
  • Increase wind uplift value

Friday, March 31, 2017

Hunter Insulation Panels

Hunter insulation is one of the premier insulation panel manufacturers for commercial roofing. They have a wide variety of panels for flat, tapered, and specialty roofs. You can see a video of a tour around the manufacturing plant in Florida below.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What is a Wind Vented Roofing System?

Over 20 years ago a mad scientist named Thomas Kelly created a roof system that doesn't need to be secured with fasteners or adhesives. His idea was so revolutionary that when he started his company he named it the 2001 Company because he knew the technology he invented was ahead of its time. His idea turned out to be so far ahead of its time that in 2017 most people still haven't heard of this product.

Wind Vented Roofing System

This roofing system uses negative pressure from wind in order to stay attached to the deck. What this means for a roofing contractor is that this roof will hold even during high wind speeds without any roof penetrations. Roofing membrane is loose laid across the field, and patented wind vents are installed around the perimeter and projections coming out of the roof to create one-way negative pressure. No fasteners. No adhesive. No ballast. Wind pushes the air out from beneath the roofing membrane out of the wind vents, pulling the membrane to the roof. This means that the faster wind blows across your roof, the tighter the system will hold the membrane to the roof.



The wind vented system is perfect for roofs that may have moisture underneath them. The wind vents pull the moisture along with the air out from underneath the deck. This is a quick, easy solution to a dry roof.

Third Roof

Roofing contractors sometimes roof directly over an existing roof if there is just one on a building. This saves time by eliminating tear off. With the wind vented system, you can actually roof over even the second roof because the weight of the third roof is minimal. If a contractor bids a third roof rather than a tear off of two roofs and a re-roof, he'll be the lowest bid almost guaranteed. This money saver has been key to winning several bids since contractors learned exactly how to use the Wind Vented Roof System.

Temporary Roof

This system is also great for temporary roofs. Many hospitals are built with plans to expand vertically down the road. Because of this, a lot of these hospital jobs opt for the Wind Vented System for its ease of tear off since there is no ballast, adhesive, or fasteners holding them to the roof. This saves time and money on the tear off as well.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Six Sided Sales Announces TruFast Product Line

Six Sided Sales is proud to announce that we will be adding a new line tomorrow, February 1st of 2017! We will be adding TruFast, a company that specializes in termination products, rooftop accessories, and fasteners.
6SS is excited to represent a company dedicated to leading edge technology that allows their products to be of the highest quality. TruFast, which was bought by ABC U.S. in 2005, has expanded not only to become a leader in rooftop accessories in the United States, but a growing leader worldwide as they expand into the European markets with their parent company.
According to ABC U.S. President & CEO, Brian Roth, "the keys to the TRUFAST success have been the commitment on behalf of the shareholders to reinvest in more efficient, higher-productivity equipment and the ability of our people to manage the new technology. The end result is consistent quality and improved throughput, so that our customers are assured of the performance they expect and product availability when they need it. But more than anything else, customers choose to do business with us because of the level of trust, outstanding service, and support from our people."
If TruFast has any products that would help you on your next job, or if you want pricing, call Brandon and Wes. Their information can be found on our Contact page here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Versico Adhered TPO Video

Versico Adhered TPO Video

Here is a brief, animated video that Versico put out in order to show exactly how their TPO is adhered to the roof.